Replacement Schedule

Do you replace your contact lenses every day? Or do you use monthly or two-week contact lenses? Your replacement schedule is the length of time your contacts can be worn before they need to be replaced with new lenses (taking them out at night is a given unless you have "extended wear" contacts). Look below to figure out which monthly, two-week, or daily contact lenses may be best for your replacement schedule.

Whether you're an extended wearer or change daily, CooperVision contact lenses help keep your eyes healthy and your lenses problem-free.  But you can do your part, too: remember to follow your lenses replacement schedule unless your eye care practitioner gives you more specific instructions.

List all the products according to their modality.


Proclear 1 day

Upgrade your patients to a lens they wear one day and enjoy all day.




Nearsighted or farsighted, fit your patients with ease.

Biofinity toric

Clinically proven performance in a disposable lens.

Proclear sphere

Monthly contacts for nearsighted or farsighted vision